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EQELIBRIUM Step-By-Step Mock Camp 2018

EQELIBRIUM Step-By-Step Mock Camp 2018
Dates: 21-26 October 2018
Tutors: Katerina Hartvichova, Agata Granis-Rafferty, Aleksandra Wojakiewicz
Venue: http://www.belty.pl/


The goal of the pre-exam track is to let the candidates gain a basic knowledge on how to solve the EQE pre-examination papers. During the camp candidates will solve several pre-exam based tasks and real pre-exams. This camp is focused on a group work of the candidates, discussion and looking for their own way of understanding and solving both legal and claim analysis pre-exam questions.

The EQE Main exam track is about solving the whole ABCD main exam together within 5 days. We will read all the texts together, try to interpret them and create the solution. This kind of group mock will boost the discussion and will be the starting point for the candidates to solve the papers on their own.


Date / Time EQE Main Exam track EQE Pre-Exam track Tutors
Welcome day, arrivals Welcome day, arrivals
EQE Mock step by step using 2011 Paper DII Step by step Introduction
to EQE Pre-exam – legal part
Katerina Hartvichova
Agata Granis-Rafferty Aleksandra Wojakiewicz
EQE Mock step by step using EPO A 2009CH Step by step Mock EQE 2012
Pre-exam – legal part
EQE Mock step by step using EPO Mock Paper B Step by step Introduction
to EQE Pre-exam 2012 – claim analysis part
EQE Mock step by step using 2010 Paper C Claim Analysis Exercise
from PracticeEQE
EQE Mock step by step using 2010 Paper C continued Building your own preparation
strategy for EQE Pre-exam

Service included

Tutoring, printed materials, meals (3 per day), accommodation

Service not included

Transport to the Camp venue*, insurance

*if you need transport assistance please inform us, we will do our best to help you

PRICES (net value)

Early bird: 600 EUR (registration till 31.08.2018)
Regular price: 650 EUR (registration till 30.09.2018)
Discount: 100 EUR for 2 camp-package, 150 EUR for 3 camp-package (when enrolled together)