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Passport Program Paper C Track 2022/23

Passport Program Paper C Track 2022/23
Camps Venue: marinadiana.pl
Online tools: Google Meets & other Google tools
Group size: 4-6 people

If you are planning to sit EQE Paper C, this program perfectly fits your preparation needs.

EQELIBRIUM Passport Paper C Track provides guidance and personalized feedback using selected exams and exercises solved by the candidates under exam-like conditions between the sessions. This builds up the skills and knowledge to efficiently manage new aspects and unfamiliar issues found in each exam. The program also contains lectures, consultations, reviews of methodologies, and last-minute tips and tricks.

After completing EQELIBRIUM Passport, candidates will be equipped with their own customised and flexible attack plan for EQE exam Paper C.

EQELIBRIUM Passport Paper C Track includes both on-line sessions and in-person Camps. You will attend four online sessions and two Camps. Each on-line session will be 2 teaching hours, and each of the Camps will be 12 teaching hours split over 2 days. You will make selected old exams and exercises between the sessions under exam-like conditions. The exams C #1 to C #4 will be selected by the tutors and posted here soon.

The EQELIBRIUM Passport Paper C Track schedule will be:

Dates Activity & Duration Description Tutors
12 December 2022 EQELIBRIUM on-line session
– 2h
Introduction session Katerina Hartvichova
8-10 January 2023 EQELIBRIUM Camp
– 12h/2 days
Step-by-step tackling and discussion of Paper C #1. Paper C exercise and Q&A sessions Oana Boncea
16 January 2023 EQELIBRIUM on-line session
– 2h
Discussion of Paper C #2 Katerina Hartvichova
5-7 February 2023 EQELIBRIUM Camp
– 12h/2 days
Discussion of Paper C #3, Paper C exercise and Q&A sessions Gabi Fettes
13 February 2023 EQELIBRIUM on-line session
– 2h
Discussion of Paper C #3 Katerina Hartvichova
6 March 2023 EQELIBRIUM on-line session
– 2h
Discussion of Paper C #4, Q&A and last tips and tricks before exam Katerina Hartvichova

All-in Prices include:

Tutoring, exam corrections, printed materials, meals and refreshments during Camps, 2 nights accommodation during Camp, pick-up from Warsaw airport/train station.

Camps venue: marinadiana.pl

PRICES (excl. VAT)

Regular price: 2499 EUR (registration by 5.12.2022)