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EQELIBRIUM Step-By-Step Mock Camp 2019

EQELIBRIUM Step-By-Step Mock Camp 2019
Dates: 01-06 September 2019
Tutors: Katerina Hartvichova, Pete Pollard, Grzegorz Wesela-Bauman, Aleksandra Wojakiewicz
Venue: http://www.belty.pl/


The objection of the Pre-Exam Track is to provide the candidates with a basic knowledge on how to prepare for the pre-exam, and how to approach the EQE pre-examination papers. During the camp the candidates will tackle several pre-exam-based tasks as well as a real pre-exam paper. The Step-By-Step camp is focused on group work of the candidates and discussions. After the Step-By-Step camp, the candidates will be able to follow a relevant strategy for exam preparation, and to understand and solve both legal-type and claim analysis-type pre-exam questions.

Main Exam Track is based on discussing how to approach the papers of the EQE Main Exam (papers A, B, C, DII). We will read all the texts together, interpret them and create the solution. The group work will boost the discussion and provides a starting point for the candidates to tackle the papers on their own during their preparation.

It shall be noted that the EQELIBRIUM camps do not replace but rather complement methodology courses provided by various providers.


Date / Time EQE Main Exam track EQE Pre-Exam track Tutors
Welcome day, arrivals Welcome day, arrivals
Paper DII step by step,
using EQE Paper DII 2011
Step by step Introduction
to EQE Pre-exam
– legal part
Katerina Hartvichova
Pete Pollard
Grzegorz Wesela-Bauman Aleksandra Wojakiewicz
Paper A step by step,
using EQE Paper A(CH) 2013
Step by step EQE Pre-exam 2012 (adapted)
– legal part
Paper B step by step,
using EQE Paper B(E/M) 2015
Step by step Introduction
to EQE Pre-exam 2012
– claim analysis part
Paper C step by step,
using EQE Paper C 2010
Claim Analysis Exercise
from PracticeEQE
– drafting and discussion of the expected solution
Paper C step by step,
using EQE Paper C 2010 – continued
Building your own preparation strategy for EQE Pre-exam

Service included

Tutoring, printed materials, meals (3 per day), accommodation, pick-up from Wroclaw airport/train station, insurance

PRICES (net value)

Early bird: 900 EUR (registration till 30.07.2019)
Regular price: 1000 EUR (registration till 15.08.2019)
Discount: 100 EUR for 2 camp-package, 150 EUR for 3 camp-package (when enrolled together)