We are creating a knowledge-sharing community of EQE Candidates and qualified European Patent Attorneys

EQELIBRIUM’s recommended way of EQE preparation

EQELIBRIUM’s recommended way of EQE preparation 1

EQELIBRIUM is creating a knowledge-sharing community of European Patent Attorneys and EQE Candidates by coupling the best tutors with candidates on their path to pass the European Qualifying Examination.

EQELIBRIUM complements and builds on CEIPI basic knowledge and methodology. We recommend combining EQELIBRIUM with CEIPI training to guarantee an effective and holistic preparation for the EQE.

Attending CEIPI preparation courses and participating in EQELIBRIUM Passport Program introduce the participants to both CEIPI methodology and practical approach and EQELIBRIUM complementary individual approach.

EQELIBRIUM Passport is pragmatic and hands-on, using the knowledge and experience of our tutors to optimise your preparation. After reviewing initial methodologies, we build up your skills and knowledge using selected old exams and exercises under exam-like conditions. This is optimum preparation for both first-time sitters and resitters because you learn to efficiently manage new aspects and unfamiliar issues found in each exam. We provide individual feedback to fine-tune your progress, and group discussions to consider the insights of others.

EQELIBRIUM’s recommended way of EQE preparation

Year 0-2

  • Find your own supervisor

    When starting your EQE journey, you have to choose your own supervisor. You are obliged to have full-time experience as a trainee. It is necessary to have 2 years of experience when sitting the Pre-Exam and 3 years when sitting the Main Exam. EQELIBRIUM can help you find a supervisor and a place where you can gain your full-time experience.

    If you have any doubts just contact us.

  • CEIPI Basic Training in European Patent Law

    EQELIBRIUM recommends CEIPI Basic Training as a beginning of the EQE preparation journey. Basic Training is a unique opportunity to get the legal and practical knowledge needed in a European Patent Attorney professional life, and to build a strong foundation for the EQE preparation. Courses are available all over Europe, and last for a maximum of 2 years.

EQELIBRIUM’s recommended way of EQE preparation

Year 2-3

  • EPO EQE pre-examination on-line training

    This e-learning course addresses the preparation for the EQE pre-examination. The on-line training material contains in-depth articles, case studies, quizzes to test your knowledge and previous examinations. Experienced epi tutors support you in a discussion forum as well as in live virtual classroom sessions.

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  • EQELIBRIUM Passport PE Track

    EQELIBRIUM Passport PE Track includes both on-line sessions and in-person Camps. You will attend four on-line sessions and two Camps. Each on-line session will be 2 teaching hours, and each of the Camps will be 12 teaching hours split over 2 days. You will make selected old exams and exercises between the sessions under exam-like conditions. The exams PE #1 to PE #4 will be selected by the tutors and posted here soon.

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  • CEIPI Seminar preparing for the EQE Pre-Examination

    The goal of the CEIPI Seminar preparing for the EQE Pre-Examination is to let the candidates gain a basic knowledge on how to solve the EQE pre-examination papers. During the camp, candidates will solve several pre-exam based tasks and real pre-exams. This camp is focused on a group work of the candidates, discussion, and looking for their own way of understanding and solving both legal and claim analysis pre-exam questions.  The material used is different from the papers used later in the CEIPI seminars so there is no risk of redundancy.

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  • CEIPI Intensive course for the EQE Pre-Examination

    To further complete the seminar for the pre-examination, CEIPI offers for the pre-exam a so-called intensive “last-minute course” to candidates wishing to improve their skills in respect of this paper. In this course, candidates put themselves under examination conditions and write two full pre-exams within the same time as available in the examination.

    The aim of the course is to give the candidates the possibility, close to but also sufficiently in advance of the pre-examination, to exercise their skills in sitting two pre-exam papers under examination conditions. With the feedback of a tutor following afterwards and the possibility of putting last-minute questions, candidates will have a better idea of whether certain issues need closer study and/or which skills should be further trained.

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EQELIBRIUM’s recommended way of EQE preparation

Year 3-4

  • CEIPI Introductory Main Exam "Methodology" courses

    This is the first step for preparation to the Main Exam recommended by EQELIBRIUM.
    The courses aim to set the candidates as early as possible “on the track” for preparing for the EQE (main examination) and bringing them to the required level for the CEIPI preparatory seminars to be held later in the autumn.

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  • EQELIBRIUM Passport A-D Tracks

    EQELIBRIUM Passport programme is divided into two types of activities: EQELIBRIUM Passport on-line sessions and EQELIBRIUM Passport Camps.

    Four separate tracks will be available for EQE Main Exam: Paper A Track, Paper B Track,  Paper C Track, and Paper D Track, corresponding to the exam parts.

    Four times per Track, we will meet on-line using Google Meets.  In-person meetings, called EQELIBRIUM Passport Camps, will take place twice per Track. During each Track, at least  four full exams will be typed by each candidate, checked, and discussed with tutors in groups or individually.

    After completing EQELIBRIUM Passport, you will be equipped with your own customised and flexible attack plan for each EQE exam.

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  • CEIPI Main Exam Preparatory Seminars

    CEIPI is organizing two 5-day seminars preparing for papers A+B, C and for paper D of the European Qualifying Examination. These seminars take place in Strasbourg.

    They comprise exercises and mock exams in the form of papers from former EQEs.

    The seminar for papers A+B will cover the following topics: drafting claims and drafting an introduction to the description in Paper A; replying to a communication and preparing an amended set of claims in Paper B.

    The seminar for paper C will deal with the following topics: drafting both a notice of opposition and a response to client questions.

    The Seminar for paper D aims to enable candidates to answer the legal questions substantively and within the time allowed. It serves as a final test for the EQE. The method involves independent work under the tutors’ supervision, plus discussion of the answers. Candidates learn and practice the different approaches needed to tackle the questions of Part D1 as well as the more extensive question of part D2, and practise these techniques.

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  • CEIPI Intensive course for the EQE papers A, B, C and D

    The CEIPI offers a further opportunity to candidates wishing to improve their skills in respect of papers A+B, C or D. To that end, so-called “intensive last-minute courses” are organized. In these courses, candidates put themselves under examination conditions and write a full paper A+B, C or D within the same time as available in the examination. They will get feedback from the tutor on the paper(s) and the work delivered by them.

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