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EQELIBRIUM Warm-Up Mock Camp 2017

EQELIBRIUM Warm-Up Mock Camp 2017
Dates: 03-08 December 2017
Tutors: Till Andlauer, Sara Morabito, Aleksandra Wojakiewicz
Venue: http://www.belty.pl/


The goal of the pre-exam track is to let the candidates solve the papers on their own and after that to get the tutors feedback. All the EQE pre-exams will be solved under realistic exam conditions. The camp will also contain some additional lectures and consultations.

The EQE Main exam track is about solving the whole ABCD exam under realistic exam conditions. Candidates will sit the whole exam during 3 days of the camp. Another 2 days will be used to explain candidates’ papers in detail with the tutors. For those candidates who are not planning to sit  all ABCD papers of the main exam, an individual track for sitting papers and getting explanations will be provided.


Date / Time EQE Main Exam track EQE Pre-Exam track Tutors
2017-12-03 Sunday Welcome day, arrivals Welcome day, arrivals
2017-12-04 Monday Mock EQE

2016 or 2013  Paper D

Mock EQE Pre-exam 2014

– drafting+explanations

Aleksandra Wojakiewicz

Sara Morabito

2017-12-05 Tuesday Mock EQE

2008 Paper A(M) or 2015 Paper A(CH), and

2015 Paper B(CH) or 2013 Paper B(M)

Tutoring Day – EQE Pre Exam Legal Part Aleksandra Wojakiewicz

Sara Morabito

2017-12-06 Wednesday Mock EQE 2016 or 2014

Paper C

Tutoring Day – EQE Pre Exam Claim Analysis Part

Claim Analysis Exercise from PracticeEQE

Aleksandra Wojakiewicz

Sara Morabito

Till Andlauer



Tutoring Day EQE Main Exam Paper D / A Mock EQE Pre Exam March-Mock  Claim Analysis Part

Mock EQE Pre-exam 2016

– drafting

Aleksandra Wojakiewicz

Till Andlauer

2017-12-08 Friday Tutoring Day EQE Main Exam Paper B / C Mock EQE Pre-exam 2016
– explanations
Aleksandra Wojakiewicz

Till Andlauer

Service included

Tutoring, printed materials, meals (3 per day), accommodation

Service not included

Transport to the Camp venue, insurance

PRICES (net value)

Early bird: 550 EUR (registration till 15.10.2017)
Regular price: 600 EUR (registration till 15.11.2017)
Discount: 100 EUR for 2 camp-package, 150 EUR for 3 camp-package (when enrolled together)